2019 / 2020 Winter Maintenance Tips and Resources

Winter Maintenance Tips

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If you have less than 5 minutes, read this: 6 Quick Cold Weather Maintenance Tips.

As the season comes to an end, we’d like to share our best winter maintenance tips and tricks for your commercial building. In this post, we compiled our best resources and checklists for maintaining your commercial building through the capricious New England winter weather.

Let’s look at a few areas of consideration.

Building Envelope

No, not the envelope that letters go in….

The envelope of the commercial building is the shell that separates the interior from exterior i.e. walls, siding, roof, windows, and doors.


  1. Inspect each part of your commercial building’s envelope for cracks, gaps, and breaks that will let the cold weather or water in.
  2. Make appropriate repairs and preparations for snow, ice, rain, and wind.
  3. Develop a plan for snow and ice removal (see below).
  4. Develop an emergency action plan

FM Pro Tip

Let’s get technical!

As you make repairs and upgrades to parts in your commercial building envelope, make it a goal to increase the r-value of the assembly. Use insulation and materials with a higher r-value.

Learn more about the R-Value of Building Materials

SNOW and ICE Management

We’ve nearly exhausted this topic on our blog and in our office over the last month. To boil it all down, you need to have a detailed snow and ice management plan and you need to be ready to implement it by the time the first frost hits.


Outside Resource: Snow and Ice Management for Facility Grounds .

As always, we encourage you to get to know your snow and ice removal contractor and build a strong relationship. The snow biz is high-stress, demanding, and unpredictable. If set your expectations ahead of time and continuously communicate, the season will pass without aggravation or injury.

Winterizing and Protecting Your Pipes!

This is a category all it’s own. Why? Frozen pipes can burst and cause chaos to your business operations and cost an absorbent amount of money in repairs and lost revenue.

Your first defense is to protect your exterior plumbing and the penetration points. (Think water spigots, gas lines, and irrigation.)

Insulate, seal, and repair pipes and systems as needed to protect your building through the season.

Seasonal Preventative Maintenance

If you’re reading this post, we’re going to assume you agree that being prepared, staying proactive, and planning ahead are essential. This is the essence of preventative maintenance. Read our post linked here if you want to learn more about the benefits of preventative maintenance – we give you all the reasons it’s important.

One of our best winter maintenance tips is to review and pay close attention to your preventative maintenance contracts for your HVAC, fire sprinklers and suppression systems, and hot water systems. This time of year there should be an annual or semi-annual inspection, cleaning, or other type of maintenance. Hold your service contractors accountable and make sure the work gets scheduled and completed.

FM Pro Tip

Make sure you are using LICENSED TRADESMAN to service all of your mechanical systems. Your hot water system, for example, needs a licensed plumber. You don’t want a Joe Shmoe coming in and using the old “well anyone can change a filter” rationale. Yes, but not everyone can do it correctly and also make professional recommendations and repairs.

Checking All The Lists

Below is a compilation of resources from around the web that we find to be useful, reliable, and a great supplement to the rest of this post! We aim to be comprehensive and provide the most valuable information to our readers. However, we recognize that it’s also beneficial to have multiple perspectives

Winter Maintenance Tips From Around The Web:

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Need help with your winter maintenance checklist? Call us today to schedule a FREE FACILITY PROGRAM assessment. ONE SOURCE can help with all of your maintenance needs.


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