There are endless metrics that can be tracked in a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). It can be a challenge for the facility team to filter through all the data in order to get the RIGHT information to the RIGHT stakeholder. Key Performance Indicators must be informative, measurable, and valuable to the person they’re presented to. Here is a list of four critical Key Performance Indicators for Facility Managers, the key metrics behind them, and the stakeholder that uses them.


KPI Key Metrics Stakeholder
Service Provider Performance Response Time

Contract Compliance

Facility Coordinator

Service Provider

Facility Dept Productivity Proactivity

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Work Order (WO) close rate

Facility Coordinator

Facility Manager

Building Performance Occupant satisfaction

WO by Trade

Energy Management

Facility Coordinator

Facility Manager


Budget Execution WO cost per trade

Invoice accuracy

NTE per trade

Annual spend data

Facility Manager


Every building has different facility goals and the metrics you view should reflect those goals. Gathering the right data over time will make it easier to establish benchmarks for KPIs and in turn, will help guide your goals for the building, staff, and service providers. If you don’t know where to start, let this be your guide.

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Written By: Mariel Nowack, ONE SOURCE Companies


Mariel Nowack

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