9 Common Facility Department Challenges

We’ve seen a common thread of challenges over the years from companies struggling to
solve the dysfunction in their facilities department.

Every company faces their own challenges and to different degrees. The good news is,
none of these issues are unmanageable and you are not alone.

Here are 9 common facility department challenges companies face:


  • Facilities Department is overstaffed / understaffed.
  • Facilities Department is inefficient.
  • Unhappy building occupants.
  • No Standard Operating Procedures for facility staff or building occupants.
  • Backlog of deferred maintenance.
  • No preventative maintenance plan or service contracts.
  • No facility department.
  • Facility duties are spread across other departments where there is no facilities experience or expertise i.e.  marketing, finance, operations, and/or human resources.
  • Can’t find qualified contractors.



If you’re struggling in any of these areas, it’s time to conduct a facilities assessment. ONE SOURCE is here to help! Call today to schedule a FREE facilities assessment conducted by our expert team.


Mariel Nowack

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