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In this blog series our goal is to provide our readers with a solid awareness of new technology and the resources to do deeper research. We’ll also share examples of how we’re using technology in the buildings we manage.

Drones have evolved from recreational toys and expensive military equipment to a commercially available and relatively affordable technology. With a simple adaptation, cameras can be easily attached and controlled remotely. Nowadays, the drones are widely used for surveillance, photos, and videos across many different industries.

The AEC industry is seeing drone-based solutions for buildings and sites to inspect, survey, and record data. For this type of commercial use, drone users are required to be licensed.

We recently hired a local, licensed drone photographer to complete an inspection on a roof and building envelope. The combined video and aerial photos allowed us to make a quick and reliable assessment of the roof conditions. There was heavy deterioration and damage to the roof that we could only assume was present because of the interior conditions. With the aerial photo and video data we were able to quickly present a plan for repair and remediation.

How can you use drone technology?

Roof Inspections: Quickly and safely inspect the condition of the building roof to plan for repair and maintenance. Capture real time data for more accurate project bids.

Site Mapping: Mark job site location and highlights for various RFPs. This is a huge asset to landscaping and snow removal RFP’s because it clarifies scope of work and areas of concern. You can certainly grab an aerial photo from google earth but they aren’t always up to date. Use a drone to capture aerial footage and you’ll be sure to have a current site photo.

Real Estate Listing Photos: Drone footage is huge in the real estate industry for marketing purposes. Make the best of your marketing efforts by adding aerial photo and video to your listings.

The technology is evolving quickly to include capturing high-sensitivity thermal data, digital mapping and modeling, and remote sensing. The full capabilities of drones have barely broken the surface and we’re excited to experience this technological evolution.

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