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As building technology continues to improve, businesses are constantly trying to implement more forms of this new tech to become more streamline, efficient, and profitable. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the focal point of these discussions and everyone wants in, including those in facilities management. There are numerous benefits to building owners and managers as AI technology is implemented and improved including faster repairs, energy efficiency, and cost savings.

For starters, AI can help to identify, report, and solve a problem, before it has occurred. It analyzes data received from the building and can accurately indicate if and when a problem is likely to occur. When the system finds a problem or potential problem, the AI automatically puts in the work order. This will enhance response times significantly, allowing companies to spend more time focusing on their core business and less time worrying about the health and upkeep of their building. AI can also help self-monitor and optimize energy usage and efficiency of all building systems saving large amounts of money.

There are two main pieces of AI that are used to create these reports and savings for companies. The first type of technology is commonly referred to as machine learning. The systems produce analytics on power usage so systems that have the machine learning technology are able to take these analytics and see where energy can be saved. For example, most large buildings have an extensive HVAC system. Not all areas of the building require the same level of heating or cooling as others. With the machine learning AI technology, the system essentially would be able to find which parts of the building don’t need to be heated or cooled as much as the others, thus resulting in less power usage and more savings.

The second piece of technology is known as “loT” or Internet of Things. This technology is similar to the machine learning except instead of receiving data from an individual system, it compiles data from all the systems in the building. The connection between different systems within the building allows for even more data collection, analyzation, and savings across the board.

xThere is no doubt that technology is shaping the future of facilities management. We believe that technology is a tool and that the human element is not only necessary, but essential to the successful use of these technologies. It will take a human understanding of each individual property or asset in order to implement and utilize technologies at the right time and in the right way.  At ONE SOURCE we strive to provide the best strategy and resources for our clients. The proper implementation of AI, IoT, or other building technology tools will increase our ability to manage and maintain our customers buildings and assets.

Anthony Riccio

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