Outsourced Facility Management: OLD concept, NEW perspective.

Posted on March 1st, 2021 by Mariel Nowack

The concept of outsourcing non-core business functions is not a new one. We’re not talking about sending your customers to an overseas call center to handle questions. We’re talking about common business functions like payroll administration, information technology (IT), human resources, and marketing that are outsourced to expert firms while the company hiring those firms […]

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Game Changer Episode 008

Posted on February 25th, 2021 by Mariel Nowack

Key Lessons From Byron Lazine 15:50 – 16:14 “Get After It”16:49 – 17:10 – 17:30 “Hold yourself and others accountable”17:50 – 18:17 – Clear your mind and Refocus21:16 – 21:50 – Regroup, Prioritize, and Time Block To-Do’s34:00 – 34:30 – Push through the self-doubt  28:58 – 29:10 – Want it as bad as you want to […]

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Procurement and Purchasing: What’s the difference?

Posted on February 21st, 2021 by Mariel Nowack

Purchasing and procurement are often used interchangeably but there’s a distinct difference between the two. Purchasing is an activity of procurement. It’s one step in the procurement process and is simply the buying of goods and services. Procurement is all important steps to make good purchasing decisions. Procurement Purchasing Lacy b. viagra online malaysia Irritable […]

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5 Easy Tips for Managing Your Work Orders

Posted on January 31st, 2021 by Mariel Nowack

How do your work orders get tracked and overseen? Does someone write it down on a sticky note and hope not to forget about it? Create a process for your team and those entering work orders. Start by identifying how work orders are identified and by whom. Use a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) to […]

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What is Life Safety? NFPA 101 and other essential codes.

Posted on June 19th, 2020 by Mariel Nowack

What is Life Safety? It seems quite self-explanatory, but let’s lay it out simply. Life Safety is a widely used standard to minimize risk to human life from hazards related to fire in buildings. The official code is the National Fire Protection Agency’s NFPA 101. “The code addresses those construction, protection, and occupancy features necessary […]

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5 Facility Expert Recommendations for Reopening

Posted on June 5th, 2020 by Mariel Nowack

There’s a million and one resources for a safe and healthy return to work. Kudos to the essential businesses who have been open through the pandemic have navigated the many resources and means to maintain a safe working environment. The rest of the world is slowly getting back to work under many strict guidelines. Our […]

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Cleaning and Disinfection, De-mystified.

Posted on May 11th, 2020 by Mariel Nowack

Do you know why it’s important to wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds? It’s the most important step we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs, according to the CDC. And, there’s science behind the optimal time of 20 seconds of scrubbing. There’s also science behind the proper use of […]

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Essay for sale online. Use the discounts and pay less

Posted on April 1st, 2020 by Mariel Nowack

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2020 Mission and Vision

Posted on December 23rd, 2019 by Mariel Nowack

In the year 2020, ONE SOURCE Companies will celebrate 7 years in business. Along this seemingly short but winding road, the team has grown and changed while we’ve refined our approach to facility management. The core business of ONE SOURCE will continue to evolve over time as we adapt to the ever changing needs of […]

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How to Write A Snow Removal Scope of Work

Posted on September 13th, 2019 by Mariel Nowack

It may seem early to be thinking about snow in September, but now is the time to get a contract in place! In last weeks blog post, we gave you 10 Steps to a Practical Snow and Ice Removal RFP . If you haven’t read it, start there because this post elaborates on those 10 […]

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