Program launched May 1, 2018

ONE SOURCE Companies and CIL (Corporation for Independent Living) have signed into an agreement that began May 1, 2018 for ONE SOURCE to provide facility maintenance and repair, property management, and project services to a portion of properties in CIL’s extensive portfolio.

CIL is a real estate development company based in Hartford, CT. They specialize in community revitalization and development consulting. A portion of their extensive real estate portfolio includes affordable, multi-family homes across Connecticut. These properties require CIL to oversee all aspects of the interior and exterior maintenance.

Self-managing on-demand and preventative maintenance schedules can be an administrative headache to companies such as CIL who are more focused on their core mission.

To remedy that headache, ONE SOURCE will oversee all aspects of the interior and exterior maintenance on behalf of CIL. ONE SOURCE specializes in the facility management of multi-site, geographically distributed real estate, and therefore is uniquely qualified to assist in the facility management of CIL’s affordable, multi-family homes. The goal of this agreement is to gain visibility into and control over the maintenance and repair for each property. ONE SOURCE seeks to be an asset to CIL in ongoing project services so CIL can focus on its core mission to serve the community.

About CIL:

Simplifying real estate development so your vision gets built. CIL simplifies real estate development for nonprofits, service providers, and municipalities by acting as an extension of their team so they can focus on helping others. We have six primary solutions we offer for your real estate challenges: community residences; program and office space; development consulting; community revitalization; financing solutions; and AccessSolutions. To learn more, visit us at

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