Outsourced Facility Management: OLD concept, NEW perspective.

The concept of outsourcing non-core business functions is not a new one.

We’re not talking about sending your customers to an overseas call center to handle questions.

We’re talking about common business functions like payroll administration, information technology (IT), human resources, and marketing that are outsourced to expert firms while the company hiring those firms focuses on it’s strategic plan and core mission.

Facilities management falls right into that category.

Each and every business operates within a built environment that must be maintained. It’s not going away folks! (And neither is that pesky leak in the roof)…

The facility management services industry includes expert companies that combine technology, people, and process to maintain a healthy working environment for their clients.

Increased accountability, cost savings, and expanded resources are all common reasons to work with an outsourced facility management provider. And they’re all valid in their own right. The decision to outsource often simmers down “Hire us as the expert and focus on your core business.”

The shift these days is that there in an increased need for experts in a wider range of areas related to the facility management industry.

The new

  1. Technology and building systems are becoming increasingly complex.
  2. Each facility has unique technology.
  3. The work space needs are evolving. Trends in work space management
  4. Data sharing /
  5. Service level expectations – the process is changing
  6. voice recognition and technology

Travelling between sites to meet contractors or inspect the property for damages or completion of work is time consuming. As a facility manager, your time is precious and productivity is key. Integrating building systems and monitoring them remotely can be a challenge but necessary to keep critical equipment and the indoor environment in the best condition.

Data-driven decision-making

3. The workplace is evolving and becoming more sophisticated.

Smart Systems and

Centralized work order tracking is ESSENTIAL. A detailed, organized, and central work order management system will provide your facility team the tools to be most productive and efficient.

Mariel Nowack

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