Snow Worries: How to Write a Snow Removal Scope of Work

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Unless of course you don’t have a plan for snow removal….

No worries, ONE SOURCE is here to help!

Here is all the information you’ll need to send to contractors in order to get a snow removal plan and contract in place before the winter weather hits.

Write a scope of work to send to your list of contractors and include the following:

  1. Snow Removal Service Detail – Print out an aerial picture or draw a map of the property and mark out where you need snow to be cleared. Make sure you walk the property with the contractor to explain your expectations. This will also give the contractor the opportunity to stakeout the property and understand your expectations.
  2. Trigger Depth / Business Hours of Operation – These are important for your snow contractor to understand because they will impact the service level and cost to keep your business in operation. The trigger depth is a predetermined accumulation amount – maybe 2” – that will “trigger” when the contractor should clear the snow.
  3. Deicing Service Detail – Speak to your contractor about what product they will use to prevent and melt ice buildup. You’ll also want to ask how this service is included in your bill.
  4. Designated Buildup Area: Designate an area away from the building to pile the snow. Make sure the area is the least obstructive to the use of the parking lot and building occupants.
  5. Offsite Snow Removal Services: Detail the terms and conditions under which snow can be removed from the property. Additional equipment, like dump trucks and loaders may be required

Request pricing for each service: Snow Removal, Deicing Services, and Offsite Snow Removal Services. 

Download our sample scope of work here, modify it to your unique needs, and get the work out to bid to a few contractors.

Read more on building and maintaining your contractor network on our blog series. Still struggling? Call ONE SOURCE to discuss how to we can help and how you can gain access to a network of contractors covering over 45 different trade categories.

Mariel Nowack

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