Stephanie H.

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Our agency contracted with ONESOURCE to improve our management of our day-to-day preventive maintenance and streamline and improve the reporting and analytics. Our intent was to free up our facilities team to handle facilities work that best utilizes their skills and minimizes their administration and paperwork and find a way to capture work and data that has historically been in files, worksheets or someone’s memory.

We have found the ONESOURCE team to be approachable, easy to work with and attentive to our needs. The change has been a process, yet we are seeing the benefits of allowing the facilities staff to focus on day-to-day issues and having ONESOURCE manage much of the administration and record keeping.

What has been very impressive is their response after a major loss at one of our locations. The loss ( tree through a roof, damage to roof and sprinkler system) occurred on a Sunday morning. Within 2 hours, the President of ONESOURCE was in contact with us, identified vendors to help immediately and helped us begin the clean up of the water, damage to the roof and secure the property. They were instrumental in helping us reduce the water and mold damage and their timely response minimized what could have been a very negative water and mold issue.

We enthusiastically recommend Onesource.