The ESSENTIAL Fall Maintenance Checklist

It’s official – fall is coming – and it’s coming quickly!

Now is the time to complete a Fall Maintenance Checklist to make sure your commercial property is ready for the changing seasons. Here are 10 essential maintenance to-do’s for fall:

  • Inspect Roof

Inspect skylights and areas of ponding, loose flashing, stained ceiling tiles, cracking or shifting membranes and other penetrations/openings. Clean out roof drains.  Ensure that all components are intact and functioning properly to prolong the life of your roof.

  • Check Downspouts and Gutters

Removing dirt and debris from gutters and downspouts permits the proper drainage of water away from your building and preventing damage to your building and gutters. Make sure that all gutter and downspouts are securely attached to the building to prevent damage and assure proper function.

  • Service HVAC System

Is your heating unit working properly? With cooler weather approaching, ensure your heating unit is functioning at optimal performance. HVAC filters should be replaced at a minimum twice a year. By maintaining your HVAC unit, you increase its effectiveness – keeping you warm when you need to be – and decreasing the chances for unnecessary and costly repairs due to unchanged filters and dirty or blocked heat exchanges.

  • Facade Inspection

Inspect building facades for leakage, stains, broken glass, precast or brick repairs.   Repair concrete, caulking, architectural elements, glass or stone, if needed. 

  • Inspect Exterior Lighting

Outdoor and indoor lights should be checked bi-annually or replaced as reported for safety and security reasons. Lights should be kept clean to reduce energy consumption.

  • Evaluate Storm Water Facilities

Evaluation of storm water pipes, inlets, catch basins, manholes, discharge pipes, inflow and outflow structures should be inspected for deterioration and blockages. Any repairs or cleaning should be completed immediately to avoid damage and assure proper function. Any vegetation affecting the system function should be trimmed or removed.

  • Inspect Pavement and Sidewalks

Evaluation of parking areas and sidewalks should be done bi-annually to inspect for trip hazards, such as cracks and potholes. Crack sealing and seal coating of asphalt areas should be completed at least every other year. Parking lot markings and signage should also be inspected annually to plan accordingly for budgetary needs.

  • Create a Snow and Ice Removal Plan

Now is the time to plan for your business’ snow removal needs. Whether you have an in-house solution or need to bring in an outside contractor, you want to have the plan in place before you need it. Check local laws to find out if your business is responsible for any city sidewalks or other through ways. Your plan should include: Clearing snow from driveways, walkways, parking areas, and entrances. Applying ice-melt (again, check your local laws) to walkways and driveways to prevent injuries from slipping by staff and public traffic.

  • Evaluate Landscaping

Fall is a good time to evaluate landscaping needs for the following spring. Do you have a landscaper scheduled to do a fall cleanup? Have them conduct an assessment after they clean up all the leaves. Things to look for are dead trees and shrubs that may need replacement or beds that may need trimming, mulching and weeding. You’ll also want to winterize your irrigation system to prevent the risk of winter damage – You’ll need an irrigation contractor to do this properly.

  • Winterize if Needed

Make sure all of your plumbing is in an area that gets enough heat. Run all hose bibs out and blow the lines with air if needed. If there are any other exterior plumbing fixtures, blow those out as well and pour biodegradable RV antifreeze into any freeze-prone P-traps and tanks. If you can’t perform this yourself, be sure to schedule a specialized contractor to do it for you.

Need help in any with any of these fall maintenance essentials? Call us today to schedule an assessment of your facilities program. We have a network of contractors that cover over 45 trade categories to complete all your fall maintenance essentials.

Mariel Nowack

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