The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is scheduled, routine maintenance that is performed on a building, equipment, or any other depreciating asset. It is essential to maximizing the life of these assets and should be a top priority in your facility management program across all locations!

Often times we find ourselves following the well-known proverb, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well what are the consequences of that? Unexpected and expensive repairs. Shorter useful life of assets. Decreased productivity. I could go on…

If you are unwilling or unable to handle those consequences, you need to become familiar with scheduled maintenance and the importance of having it implemented into your owned or leased buildings.

Being proactive about the well-being of the equipment within your facilities can be the difference between reaching your goals of achieved productivity, or falling short. A facility management program helps your equipment consistently stay on track. Below are several reasons why preventative maintenance is important for all of your locations and to ONE SOURCE.

  • Save Time & Money:  Preventative maintenance helps you discover equipment problems before they arise. When a technician is inspecting and maintaining equipment on a regular basis, potential issues can be identified and repaired before they become an expensive hassle for you. Being able to make repairs before they turn into a costly nightmare is one clear benefit and  will save you time, money, and unwanted stress in the long run.
  • Increased or Enhanced Efficiency: Preventative maintenance of equipment includes regular cleaning and upkeep. This leads to increased operational efficiency of the equipment and therefore less energy consumption. Preventative maintenance also enhances the efficiency of your facility staff by lowering reactive maintenance demands that result from deferred maintenance.
  • Constant Productivity & Asset Up-time: Unexpected breakdowns of equipment can put your business at a standstill. You’re losing valuable time and money while your equipment lays idle. With scheduled maintenance, your facility and assets will routinely be analyzed and issues can be dealt with during a limited and predictable downtime.  
  • Safety: The safety of employees and visitors is a top priority for all businesses. With routine check-ups on your equipment, unexpected breakdowns or harmful malfunctions can be caught and will deter injuries and legal claims against your business..

With consistent maintenance, higher productivity levels, and greater equipment efficiency across all locations, your facilities will be able to reach new, higher levels of quality and success than ever before.

ONE SOURCE is your strategic partner and resource for all your preventative maintenance needs.

If your company struggles with scheduled maintenance call ONE SOURCE to discuss how we can help and how you can gain access to a network of contractors covering over 45 different trade categories.

Written by: Alex Acquarulo, Marketing Intern, Quinnipiac University Class of 2018, MBA 2019


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