What’s your IEQ? 6 ways to IMMEDIATELY improve indoor environmental quality

Indoor. Environmental. Quality.

Buildings do not exist simply as shelter and storage, we believe they exist to provide a functional, healthy, and productive space to building users. Do you agree?

We hope so. The question we want you to consider as you read on is how important is IEQ to the success of your business? And is it a core business priority?

There is an intangible value to providing a high quality, interior environment and that undeniable increase in the health and productivity of building occupants. Even a small gain in productivity multiplied by all building occupants can have a significant overall impact.

What components contribute to Indoor Environmental Quality:

  • Air Quality
  • Lighting – Natural and artificial
  • Aesthetics
  • Prevention of airborne pollutants/odors
  • Thermal comfort
  • Acoustics
  • High quality, potable water

IEQ can be improved at any point in the building life cycle. So why not start today?

Here are 6 ways to IMMEDIATELY improve indoor environmental quality:

  1. Evaluate your cleaning scope with your cleaning contractor – Are your standards are being met? Maybe it’s time to add in some additional services. The cost will be worth the overall satisfaction that comes from working in a clean and sanitized space. Another quick change is to have your cleaning contractor swap cleaning products to ones with low VOCs to avoid noxious smells.
  2. Add live plants – Not only can plants improve the air quality, but they’re aesthetically pleasing as well. Bringing a little of mother nature’s beauty to your building is a subtle but effective upgrade to the indoor environment.
  3. Stay on top of your HVAC maintenance! If you do not have a preventative maintenance program in place, it is time to get one. The last thing you want is to have your HVAC system fail and render your building unusable. Be proactive. Uncomfortable temperatures or lack of air movement are the surest way to drive occupants out of your building.
  4. #nofilter is not something we brag about in the facilities world. We have filters – sometime multiple – in all of our systems, and we change them regularly. Your Preventative Maintenance program should include the cleaning and or changing of filters to increase the productivity and life cycle of the mechanical systems. This is a major factor in the thermal comfort of the building occupants.
  5. Improve the natural and artificial light by upgrading to an LED lighting system and cleaning your windows – let in that light!
  6. Invest in a few white noise machines to minimize distractions in high traffic, busy working spaces.
Mariel Nowack

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