The Benefits of Professional Snow Removal Services For Your Business

How Professional Snow Removal Services Can Help Your Business In many parts of the country, winter can be a challenging time for businesses. Heavy snowfall can present a number of problems, including safety risks and potential property damage. Fortunately, professional snow removal services can help you manage these issues and keep your company running smoothly […]

Corporate Real Estate Services

What Are Corporate Real Estate Services?

Corporate Real Estate Services Explained Corporate real estate (CRE) encompasses land and buildings leased or owned by companies for their own operational purposes. CRE is almost exclusively focused on commercial properties, especially offices, and rarely in residential buildings. Corporate headquarters, branch offices, warehouses, and retail spaces are some of the properties and facilities that can […]

Pandemic Preparedness and Infection Control Plan for Facility Managers

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has the entire world turned inside out and upside down trying to slow the spread. Everyone from businesses to non-profits to individuals are trying to adjust to massive changes caused by the outbreak and never-before-seen infection control mandates. For many businesses, the global pandemic has brought to light a lack of […]