What Are Corporate Real Estate Services?

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Corporate Real Estate Services

What Are Corporate Real Estate Services?

November 19, 2021

Corporate Real Estate Services Explained
Corporate real estate (CRE) encompasses land and buildings leased or owned by companies for their own operational purposes. CRE is almost exclusively focused on commercial properties, especially offices, and rarely in residential buildings.

Corporate headquarters, branch offices, warehouses, and retail spaces are some of the properties and facilities that can be part of a corporate real estate portfolio.

A portfolio is a collection of a company’s past and present investments and assets in the real estate sector.

Corporate Real Estate Services Objectives
The main goal of CRE professionals is to save their customers money by minimizing property and rental expenses and reducing risks by making sure every decision you make regarding your property helps your business. Additionally, they save a great amount of executive time, allowing clients to focus on their main job.

Corporate Real Estate Providers
Providers of corporate real estate services are in charge of planning, designing, acquiring, managing, and administering properties on behalf of a company. In brief, these professionals dedicate most of their time to strategic planning, also known as portfolio planning.

Corporate real estate professionals provide assistance with:
Transactions: they are often in charge of lease negotiations and management, new site acquisitions, and vacant space marketing.
Portfolio Analysis: they assess real estate portfolios, perform lease and property audits, and conduct research and analysis projects.

They also have the experience and resources to analyze the market and determine:

  • Which areas are growing or in decline.
  • Whether expenses and rentals are above or below market.
  • What the industry’s trends are.
  • The most effective deployment of capital.
  • The positive financial impact of real estate and how it can contribute measurable value to the company that employs them.

Corporate Real Estate Services You Can Rely On
At ONE SOURCE, we proudly provide real estate services to mid-market companies. We offer strategic, innovative, and beneficial facility management solutions and supply businesses with construction and handyman services, facility maintenance, and real estate brokerage. Our vision is to provide a successful total facilities management solution with an expert team and modern strategies, all while staying 100% transparent.

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