Top 10 Handyman Services

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Top 10 Handyman Services

Top 10 Handyman Services

January 15, 2022

You know those pesky maintenance needs that you can’t get a contractor out to do? The ONE SOURCE Handyman Division employs handyman personnel to assist our facility management clients with their maintenance needs. There are numerous different types of maintenance services our handyman team offers and can perform more quickly than a third party contractor could. These services range from exterior services, interior services, flooring, light plumbing, and more. So, what maintenance services make a handyman so….handy? Here are the top 10 services offered by our handyman team that you may want to utilize.

1. Light Electrical: Changing light bulbs or fixtures.

How many handymen did it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one…but you get the jist. A handyman will change light bulbs and any light fixtures cheaper than an electrician. Many times, an electrician won’t go out for a small job such as changing a light bulb or a light fixture. The ONE SOURCE Handyman Division will quickly respond and get the job done for less.

2. Light plumbing: Unclogging toilets, fixing small leaks.

Dealing with a clogged toilet or a leaky sink can be irksome, especially when you’re low on time or the building is occupied with people. A ONE SOURCE handyman can complete the job efficiently and it can take as little as 30 minutes! A ONE SOURCE handyman can even share tips with you to prevent another leakage and what to do if it occurs again.

3. Light HVAC: Changing filters and other basic HVAC System maintenance.

This is another commonly requested service. Changing your filters can make a huge difference in your building by improving air circulation and air quality. The most basic thing you can do to make your HVAC system run efficiently (and avoid costly repairs) is keep your filters clean by changing them frequently.  It’s a simple task that our ONE SOURCE handyman can complete. It’s not something that needs to be done by a licenses HVAC tech in most cases. Our Handyman Division can reach high ceilings and save you time from doing it yourself.

4. Painting

Need a change? A paint job may just be what you need for that new change around the office! However, painting a building requires a lot of extra time and work. Thankfully, painting is a popular service provided by our ONE SOURCE handyman division. They come prepared with all the correct tools such as rollers, ladders, drop cloths and more to finish the job efficiently and with quality workmanship. This is a cost saving option for small paint jobs where a painting contractor may be hard to come by.

5. Drywall repair

It’s very common for our clients to need repairs to their drywall after an office move or change in office furniture. Shelving units and old decorations often leave unsightly holes and dents. Our handyman team can make drywall repairs including smoothing out dents and patching holes of any size. Our team can even handle hanging new drywall. There are several steps to perfect a drywall repair, which is why it’s best not to leave this one as a DIY project.


6. Hanging pictures or shelving on the wall

Decorating a space is very exciting but save the tedious tasks like putting up shelving on a wall or hanging pictures for a ONE SOURCE handyman! These are non-urgent work orders that our team can respond to within a few days. We recommend building a list of non-urgent tasks like these to have a handyman do them all in one day – this will be the most cost effective.

7. Power washing

Power washing uses a high pressure water hose to clean off dirt, mold, mud and more. Over time dirt collects on surfaces such as sidewalks, garages, building walls, and more, which leads to discoloration. Power washing can help restore that clean look and can be done quickly and efficiently by our handyman division.

8. Changing door hardware: locks and knobs

Safety is always a number one priority. Changing the locks to your home may help you feel much safer. Changing door hardware also includes switching out new doors and knobs for a new look to the office. Changing door hardware is another popular service done by a handyman! This is a quick service that can be done in as little at 20 minutes.

9. Light carpentry

Our skilled team can perform light carpentry tasks like hanging shelving or building temporary window protection. For vacant buildings this might include boarding up windows and doors or building temporarily bracing.  Small tasks like these can be low priority for a third party contractor, so having a ONE SOURCE Handyman to take care of it will get it done faster and for less money.

10. Furniture and equipment assembly

Getting new furniture and equipment can be very exciting, however, moving and assembling it…not so much. Leave that job to a handyman! Our handyman team will come and move any heavy objects such as furniture, workout machines, desks, and more.

As you can see, a handyman can provide maintenance services from A-Z for you. These are only 10 of the countless services they offer. Our handyman division covers a large variety of different maintenance services to check all the tasks off your list with one phone call. Our facility management clients have access to our handyman division 24/7/365. Call us today to see how we can help your business.

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